Sabiá Magazine

2012 - now
Brazilian online contemporary art magazine.

Brazilian online magazines highlighed mainly foreign artists, despite conting with talented Braziian artists in its own pages. Considering the great potential of Brazilian contemporary art and noting the lack of space in international level I started Revista Sabiá, or Sabiá Magazine, to promote Brazilian contemporary artists or foreign artists whose work is focused on Brazilian themes.

As a pilot project in 2012, its four editions succeeded and worked as a test phase for the current project design for its professionalisation.

ODD Paris

2013 - now
Online guide in English for unusual destinations in Paris. 

Ficctional characters present spots in well written blog-like posts integrating high-quality photos and videos. Laid back style, humorous and informative.

Devaneio shirts

Visual poetry in shirts.

Targetting 20 - 40's male clients looking for meaningful t-shirts (the most common piece of wear in the targeted group), I went after the best fabric, suppliers and sewers to produce high quality shirts.

I worked from the scratch, creating the brand concept, design of prints and managing the production of shirts (including finding suppliers, supervising production). I conducted also the distribution and sales.